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Spring in Arizona

arizona seasonsAs winter makes its leave, spring enters. Arizona is beautiful!  The monsoons and rains of late summer and early winter have done a good job.  Arizona blossoms.  The snow stays in the Northern Arizona mountains, keeping it a hot spot of winter sports, while in Southern Arizona, the temperatures heat up, bringing back the demand for water sports.  

Early March, spring begins.  The fruit trees are now in full bloom, ready for harvest.  The orange, grapefruit and lemon trees fill the spring area with their rich scent.  Driving near an orchard offers the clean scent, lasting in the air for a while.

Fig trees begin to bloom.  Flowers and flowering shrubs begin to display their potential.  Birds chatter back and forth.  Wildflowers take over hillsides, trees are full again against the mountains.  The sun grows things quickly.  It is a prime time for hummingbirds, as they love the bloom of fresh flowers.

Golf courses get busy, before the hot sun sets in for another summer.  Street fairs and farmer’s markets are in full swing as people are pulled from their homes and outside.  Like the winter months, downtown life spills onto the sidewalks for late lunches and early dinners.  The lakes fill back up with jet skis, houseboats, kayakers and skiers.  The scorching sun of summer hasn’t returned but the 80 degree weather keeps residents playing a little longer.  The night temperatures are rising month over month, removing any chill left in the air.  

The drive in Southern Arizona offers views of blooming cactuses amid rocks and tall grass.  Lakes are full, reflecting surrounding new growth.  The warming up air allows for nights watching sunsets and falling stars under the clear sky.  

Northern and Central Arizona may have snowfall in the spring months, particularly the higher elevations.  This allows for plenty of winter sports to continue.  People still flock to the resorts to ski, snowboard , sled and snowshoe.  The sun is strong with temperatures in the mid 50’s in the mountains.  Nights are still at freezing temperatures.  This is the peak season for travel into Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  The cooler temperatures but the beautiful dry days makes it perfect for hiking and backpacking.  Sycamore Canyon Vista in Northern Arizona is a great place to take a day trip to.  The drive has incredible views of blossoming red flowers against bare rocks overlooking valleys.  Chinle to Cove and Monument Valley Drive offer views of rock formations.  The rocks of Arizona are formidable, strong and beautiful.  The springtime sets these formations up against the right blue sky during the day and colorful sunsets in the evening.  Chose this time to visit the Grand Canyon at sunrise, seeing it in a light of a different color.  
There is a reason spring is the most popular time to visit Arizona.  The diverse state offers two very distinct experiences during this season. Summer will warm the entire state up, but only temporarily.  The mountains offer something different than the low-lying desert. When it’s Spring and your grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees are growing like crazy and you need some landscaping work done, call our friends Tempe Landscaping Pro’s, they provide Tempe landscaping services for Tempe residents and everyone else in the Phoenix valley. 

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